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Making a vegan world one meal at a time. How can we help you?

(Are you looking for VeganMentor.com? A very similar name, but a different web site.)

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Eat us? Why that's preposterous!

Our Philosophy

To make a vegan world one meal at a time.

We appreciate that today you may only want help with a vegan meal or help moving towards a more plant based diet and that is certainly a great first step.  We will help you any way we can because any vegan dish or meal or time period, (vegan before six?, vegan lunches this week?, vegan Wednesdays?) is one less animal consumed.  We would hope that your goal, eventually, would be to live a compassionate life as a vegan.

We Can Help

We offer help in many ways from the answer of a quick food question, ("Is this ingredient vegan?" or "What can I make for my vegan dinner guest?"), to questions about living a vegan life, ("Must I throw out my leather shoes and wool sweaters?"), to supermarket tours.  We are a friendly voice in the phone on the day when you ask yourself if it's worth all the "hassels" to be a vegan.  We are here to tell you it's okay that you tried to order vegan food but still got served a dish made with butter and all is not lost, tomorrow is a new day.  

Ah, But Here's The Disclaimer:

We are not, (although some mentors might be), trained in any way, shape, manner or form.  We are not professional doctors, health care providers, dieticians or nutritionists.  We DO NOT CHARGE a fee for anything we do.  (Contributions are to help pay for the website and to grow the vegan mentor program and are always most appreciated).   This is NOT a referral service for vegan professionals although we probably know one or two.  Hey, we're just saying ... 

Please get in touch to find out more, offer comments and join our mailing list.

Next Steps

Meet the mentors - browse the online profiles of each mentor. Then submit a mentor request and we will get back to you based on the contact preference that you specify.

It's that simple!


If you like what we're doing then please consider donating some time as a vegan mentor or support us with a donation via PayPal.

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